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Simple Math

Here’s one I really love — “the Republican party is fiscally responsible”. Another great theory to apply to the common sense test. Here are the very simple facts:

1) when Reagan took office in 1980 the national deficit was about $80 billion

2) after 12 years of Republicans in the White House, the deficit had nearly quadrupled to close to $300 billion

3) in the following 8 years, Clinton and the Democrats were able to not only eliminate that entire deficit, but actually posted a surplus of over $200 billion

4) then in the last 4 years, George Bush turned that surplus in to a record deficit of over $500 billion!

So basically what we have over the last 24 years is this — the Democratic president ran a POSITIVE cash flow of $500 billion, while the various Republican presidents ran a NEGATIVE cash flow of $920 billion! Anyone claiming that the Republicans are “fiscally responsible” obviously flunked 3rd grade math. The reality is that the Republican party couldn’t be any more IRRESPONSIBLE.