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It’s The Oil, Stupid

The issue of whether or not Iraq had weapons of mass destruction is a classic case of something totally failing the common sense test. Look at the facts…. before the first Gulf War the total military expenditures in Iraq were less than 5% of those of the U.S. To argue that Iraq posed any kind of threat to the U.S. even back then was ludicrous. And that was certainly proven beyond a shadow of a doubt in the first Gulf War when the U.S. military routed the Iraqi army. At that point their army was almost totally destroyed, and since then they have been under such severe sanctions that thousands of people are dying every month for lack of food and medical care. There’s been absolutely no money or resources available to even begin to re-build any type of military operation. On top of that, they’ve also been under constant surveillance by both U.N. inspectors along with the intelligence operations of many other countries. They were not a threat in any way 14 years ago, and with everything that has happened since then, they are far, far less of a threat today. That’s just plain old common sense. How in the world did anyone buy in to the idea that they were an “imminent threat”? Absolutely ridiculous!

This war has always been about oil, period.  It’s the only possible justification that passes the common sense test. Why is this notion always dismissed so quickly? Can people possibly be that stupid? Look at the facts — we have a White House which is run by Big Oil. And these guys know better than anyone that the U.S. is facing a major crisis in the not-too-distant future when the world starts running out of oil. So whatare the options?  How about starting some type of Manhattan project for alternative energy sources? Yeah, right, that’s exactly what Big Oil does NOT want. So what’s the alternative? It’s obvious — we colonize the Middle East and turn over all their resources to Big Oil. And that, dear friends, is EXACTLY why we are in Iraq.