Let the world change you... and you can change the world

The United States Of Hypocrisy

Here’s the problem — we’ve become a nation of hypocrites. We call ourselves a “Christian” society, but the reality is that we are about as un-Christian as you can get. We like to “talk the talk”, but we sure don’t “walk the walk”. We talk about being a peace-loving people, and yet we unilaterally invade other countries in order to gain control over their oil, killing tens of thousands of innocent people, making refugees of hundreds of thousands. We talk about caring for the poor and needy, and yet we hand out trillion dollar tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans while millions of children grow up in poverty and millions of Americans don’t have adequate health care. We talk about the rights of the unborn, and yet we refuse to provide them with decent shelter and care once they are born. We talk about equality, and yet we imprison non-Christians for life without even giving them a trial, and we deny non-heterosexuals the right to marriage, and time and again we still do our best to deny even the basic right to vote to black Americans. We claim to be a generous nation in helping the less developed countries of the world, and yet the reality is that we give a smaller percentage in foreign aid than any other industrialized country. We claim to adhere to capitalism and free markets, and yet the vast majority of our markets are in fact oligopolies with very little in the way of competition, and government is so dominated by big business that consumers and workers have little in the way of rights left. We claim to have an economy where anyone who works hard can make a decent living, and yet we continue to have a minimum legal wage that forces a person to live well below the poverty line even though they are working full time.

So is it any wonder that someone like George Bush gets elected President? He’s the perfect poster child for greed, selfishness, hatred, and intolerance. And those are the so-called “values” that most Americans these days really adhere to. Indeed, Bush represents everything that is wrong with this society — claiming to be a “born again” Christian, he’s the ultimate hypocrite. If Jesus Christ were alive today, He would be repulsed by everything that George Bush stands for and what the majority of American people have become.