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The Big Lie

One of the biggest scams ever sold to the American public is this idea that “Big Government” is a bad thing. You even have so-called liberals such as Bill Clinton saying as much. But the reality is that in this day and age more so than ever before we need big, BIG government. Here’s why.

We live in a capitalistic society, and that most definitely is a good thing. There’s no arguing that. But along with capitalism you get a thing called “corporations”. And that’s where the problems start. Corporations exist for one and only one purpose — and that’s to return a profit to the shareholders. Maximize profits, period. It’s that simple. And that’s the root of the problem. Corporations have no morals, no values, no social responsibilities. They owe society nothing. In fact, it’s quite often in their best interest to act in a totally socially irresponsible fashion. A good example of this is pollution. Say a company has two ways of producing their product — one way is 100% pollution-free, but rather expensive, and the other way will save the company a significant amount of money but will produce a lot of pollution. Which method will the company choose? Of course, they’ll choose the cheaper method even though it does cause environmental havoc. That’s the only logical choice they can make — because maximizing profits is their sole reason for existence. If they decided to do the socially responsible thing, they would eventually go out of business — as inevitably some other company would come along, use the cheaper production method, and drive the first company out of business. That’s the way capitalism works, folks. Corporations have absolutely no responsibility to produce safe products, to provide a good working environment for workers, or to respect the needs of society as a whole. Sure they have to operate within limits — consumers won’t buy products that are totally unsafe, workers won’t work for companies that show no regard for their employees, etc. But a corporation is always going to push everything to the ultimate limit that they think they can get away with — that’s the way you maximize profits. Everything is secondary to profits.

And this is exactly why we need a very big, strong government! Someone has to look out for the rights of consumers, workers, and citizens — and that has to be the government. The idea that the “free market” is self-regulating and will take care of itself is one big lie, nothing more than propaganda. They don’t want big government, they don’t want any government at all — it only gets in the way of their making profits. And again, there is nothing wrong with that. You just have to have a government that is just as big and strong as the corporate world is. Someone has to be looking out for the “we the people”. And it sure isn’t going to be big business.