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Religious Hypocrisy

One of my favorite examples of hypocrisy these days is conservatives who claim they are "Christians". Here’s my litmus test for whether you are a Christian or not — answer these three questions:

  1. Do you support capital punishment?
  2. Do you support the war in Iraq?
  3. Do you support tax cuts for the rich?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you are MOST DEFINITELY NOT a Christian! As the saying goes, just ask yourself "What would Jesus do?" Clearly if Jesus were alive today he would be very much opposed to all three of those issues. Now this is not to say that you can’t make some good arguments for each of these issues — clearly there are two sides to each issue and each side does have some good arguments. But the point here is that if you claim to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, then you clearly would be opposed to all three of these issues. Anything else is pure hypocrisy.

So, if you want to support any of the above issues that’s fine — just don’t tell me you are a Christian! And that includes you, Mr. Bush!