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So-Called Liberal Media

One of the more inane arguments that you hear from conservatives is that the media has a liberal bias. Do these people ever bother to think anything through? Let’s give it a whirl here….

Who owns virtually all the major media these days? Big corporations. And who runs big corporations? Wealthy, white guys. And what are the political leanings of wealthy, white guys? Overwhelmingly conservative. So what sense does it make that media that are ultimately run by conservatives would have a liberal bias? None at all!

This doesn’t even begin to pass the “common sense test” — just use a little bit of common sense and you’ll quickly see that whatever bias there may exist in the media is certainly going to be conservative, NOT liberal!

Now sure there are a lot of stories and op-ed pieces that may have a liberal slant to them, but that’s dictated by the market place. Above all else, these corporations that own the media are clearly driven by bottom-line profitability. So there is some necessity in maintaining a balance so that you have some appeal to all market segments. But that’s about as far as it goes. Give the “lefties” just enough so that they’ll buy your product, but at the same time make sure that in the long-term you are pushing a very conservative agenda.