Let the world change you... and you can change the world

Into The Cesspool

John McCain’s recent attack on Barack Obama reminded me of just how morally bankrupt the Republican party has gotten. Back in 2000, McCain was actually an appealing Presidential candidate — a good, solid, moderate Republican. In fact, back in those days there were a lot of Republicans who were a real credit to their country. Heck, all things considered, George Bush the First was a pretty decent president. A little bit out of touch with reality — but at least he realized that when you are increasing government spending rapidly and doubling the deficit every four years, then you absolutely must raise taxes. And at least he understood after the first Gulf War that the absolute worst thing we could do in the Middle East would be to invade Iraq. How his eldest son ended up being such a total moron is puzzling.

But look at what has happened to the Republican party in the last five years. In that short time the party has become 100% morally bankrupt. And it’s not an issue of “liberal vs. conservative”. Oh, if only it were that simple. There’s nothing conservative about the Republican party these days. They’ve increased government spending at the fastest rate since World War II — that’s not conservative. And at the same time, they’ve turned a $200 billion surplus into a $300 billion deficit — that’s the exact opposite of what a fiscal conservative would do! And there’s the nation building they’re doing (well, attempting to do) in the Middle East — nothing conservative about that. And the maniacal expansion in powers of the executive office — again, the exact opposite of conservative idealogy.

What’s scary about the Republican party these days is that it’s hard to put a label on what it is they do stand for. You can make a good case for calling them “plutocratic”, as they certainly don’t give a damn about anybody but the very rich. And totalitarian certainly comes close to describing their views on government — you sure wouldn’t apply the word “democracy” to anything they are advocating these days. And then their foreign policy can only be described as “imperialistic”. Regardless of what tag you put on them, the bottom line is that the Republican party is currently totally devoid of any redeeming value whatsoever. And anyone who claims to be a Republican these days should be ashamed of themselves.