Let the world change you... and you can change the world

Worst. President. Ever.

3000 Americans Dead in 9-11 Attacks because of George Bush’s negligence and incompetence. In January of 2001 the Hart-Rudman Commission delivered a major report to the White House which very specifically warned about what might happen in a terrorism attack if something wasn’t done immediately. Bush ignored it. Ignored it completely. Richard Clarke, the counter-terrorism adviser on the U.S. National Security Council, continually warned Bush about potential threats, all of which he ignored. And there was the infamous Aug. 6 presidential daily briefing that virtually spelled out bin Laden’s plans. Again totally ignored. Bush’s total disregard for the safety of this country before 9-11 amounts to nothing less than criminal negligence.

2200 American Troops Dead, 16,000 Wounded In Iraq in a war based totally on fabrications and outright lies. Not one lie, not two lies, but dozens of lies, told hundreds and hundreds of times. There was absolutely no valid reason to invade Iraq, period. And now we are seeing just what a disaster this whole war has become. We could not possibly have come up with a worse plan for dealing with the Mid-East. And that’s not hindsight at all — many, many experts were saying well before the invasion what a disaster it would be. President Bush is directly responsible for every single American death in Iraq.

1400 Americans Dead, 250,000 left homeless when the Bush administration totally mis-handled hurricane Katrina. This was a perfect storm of Bush incompetence and outright disregard for human life. There’s good evidence that the storm itself intensified to a Category 5 hurricane at least in part because of global warming, which Bush’s policies have made all the worse. Then there was the flooding itself, due in large part to the negligence of the Bush administration in diverting funds that should have gone to levee maintenance but instead went to pay for the Iraq war and tax cuts. And then much of the ensuing damage was a direct result of a totally incompetent response by the federal government, and particularly FEMA, which had been gutted by the Bush administration and staffed with Republican gophers who had not the slightest clue as to what they were doing.

Add it all up — over 6,000 Americans dead, over 16,000 wounded, 250,000 driven from their homes. All because of the incompetence and outright criminal behavior of George Bush. And to this list we could add a whole litany of other disasters this President is responsible for — authorization of illegal spying by the NSA, condoning the use of torture in direct violation of international law, outing a covert CIA agent, running up the largest federal debt in history, turning a federal budget surplus in to the largest budget deficit in history — the list goes on and on.

And we’ve got to somehow survive three more years of this guy? God help us all.