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Simple Solutions To A Non-Problem

Once again the nightly news headlines boggle the mind. The major problems that face this nation continue to pile up with no end in sight — the disastrous war in Iraq that just keeps getting worse and worse, a sky rocketing national debt that promises to bankrupt our children’s future, a national addiction to fossil fuels that threatens not only to ruin our standard of living when we soon start running out of oil but which is also destroying the environment, an oncoming hurricane season which promises to be even worse than last year and for which we once again are totally unprepared. The list of critical issues goes on and on. But pray tell, what is the issue that now grabs the headlines? Why it’s immigration! Where in the sam hill did this come from? You make a list of the top 100 problems that this country faces today, and immigration doesn’t even come close to making the cut. In fact, if you really stop and analyze our current immigration policy, you’ll see that it’s one of the best ways of dealing with immigration in the entire world. Look at all the problems they are currently having in Europe right now with immigration — do we really want to change our policies to emulate theirs? You can’t be serious.

The fact that this issue is even on the national agenda is idiotic. But even more idiotic are the proposed solutions. This is a basic supply and demand problem, right out of Economics 101. We’ve got one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere bordering on the richest country in the world. That’s the demand side — millions of dirt poor workers looking for a way out of their poverty, and right there across the border is all the wealth that is America. Then you’ve got a zillion American corporations that love to hire illegal immigrants. Low wages, no benefits, no worries about worker safety all lead to healthy profits, which of course is the name of the game. So that’s the supply side. Of course we have a problem with illegal immigrants — you’ve got millions of people desparately in need of work, and hundreds of thousands of companies more than willing to employ them.

So you want to solve the problem? It couldn’t be any easier — you either deal with it from the supply side or the demand side. Here’s a novel idea — let’s do something to improve the economy of Mexico. Better jobs down there means fewer people looking for work here. But alas, that’s a lot easier said than done. But still, it begs the question of why no one is even thinking about that approach. Well, maybe it’s because we’re such a self-centered society that we could care less about the suffering of people in another country. You think? Regardless, that leaves attacking the problem from the supply side — and that’s where it can easily be solved. There are already laws on the books that make it illegal for companies to hire illegal immigrants. How about just enforcing the existing laws? You stop companies from doing the illegal hiring, you end the supply of jobs, you end the problem. Yes, it is that easy. And don’t tell me that the U.S. economy would suffer — what happened to that good old American business ingenuity? Where’s there’s a buck to be made, there’s a way — businesses will figure out how to get the problem solved. You’ll end up with better wages all around, better working conditions for everyone, and more than likely a streamlined immigration process that will allow immigrants to get here legally much faster and easier. Simple solution all the way around. And all it takes is to just start enforcing laws that are on the books.