Let the world change you... and you can change the world

Update: An Inconvenient Reality

Just came across an interesting media study by F.A.I.R., which might at least explain some of the idiocy displayed by the American people on this subject. As pointed out in the movie, every single peer-reviewed scientific study of global warming supports the position that the current global warming that we are seeing is man-made (see here). That’s 100%. There’s absolutely no disagreement over this in the scientific community. None, nada, period. And yet this study by F.A.I.R. (here) showed that over 50% of all articles on the subject of global warming give equal attention to the claim that “climate change is exclusively the result of natural fluctuations”. Amazing — half the media coverage of this topic consists of outright falsehoods. So maybe holding the American public to blame for their ignorance is a bit harsh. Alas, we’re back to a totally irresponsible media being yet again a big part of what is a major problem. Which takes us back to the issue of runaway corporate greed in this country (see here and here). It’s all so obviously tied together with big corporations control over the media and the government. When will the American people say “enough is enough” and take back their government from these self-serving corporate interests?