Let the world change you... and you can change the world

The Make-Believe World of Disneyland

With the upcoming ABC broadcast of their 9/11 docu-whatever, we appear to have a “perfect storm” of corporate malfeasance and right-wing dishonesty and hypocrisy along with the collective idiocy of so many Americans. This makes for a perfect example of so much of what ails this country right now.

For years we’ve been hearing the mantra of “not playing the blame game” from the right wing as we have witnessed one train wreck after another over the course of the Bush administration. We as a nation have let these scoundrels get away with each of these disasters, and blindly just stumble ahead to the next disaster, never bothering to address the glaring issue of the gross incompetence and downright criminal behavior of the people in charge. But now all of a sudden, in the form of this upcoming TV show on ABC, the wing nuts have decided that they do want to play the blame game with 9/11 after all. And who better to blame it on than the Clinton administration? That would, of course, be a rather difficult task under normal circumstances, since every fact tells you that the previous administration has absolutely no culpability at all, whereas the Bush administration screwed up time and time again. The facts are so overwhelming that it’s embarrassing to have to keep repeating them — from Bush totally ignoring the Hart-Rudman Report on Terrorism, to refusing to heed the continual warnings from Richard Clark, the Chair of the Counter-terrorism Security Group, to the infamous Presidential Daily Briefing that pretty much spelled out exactly what Bin Laden was planning and which was totally dismissed by Bush. The list goes on and on and on. 9/11 happened because of the gross incompetence and negligence of the Bush administration. Period. Case closed. All that’s left to do is indict them and put them away.

But facts and truth and logic haven’t had much appeal to the Republican party in a long, long time. But Clinton bashing? Ah, that’s something they do excel at, because to do it best you have to be at the top of your game as far as lying and distortion of facts goes. And what better way to distract the American people from the real problems facing the nation than to try and divert their attention by engaging in their favorite pastime? But even this Clinton bashing is just further proof of what total idiots these people are. Again, let’s look at the facts. And those are that the eight years of the Clinton administration are without a doubt the best eight years this country has had in it’s history.

With Clinton as President we had the longest economic expansion in the history of the country, a soaring stock market, real wages increased dramatically, unemployment was at record lows. Government spending was reduced to the lowest it had been in 25 years, the record deficit of $290 billion that Clinton inherited from Reagan was not only totally eliminated but actually converted to a record $167 billion surplus! Local police and law enforcement agencies were provided with the money and resources they needed to get the job done, resulting in the lowest crime rate in decades. And let’s not forget FEMA, which the Clinton administration established as the best national emergency assistance and response organization the world had ever seen. If only Bush had simply just left FEMA alone what a different story we would be seeing today in New Orleans and on the Gulf Coast. Katrina might well have been nothing more than a footnote in the history books.

And then there’s this little matter of world peace. During the entire Clinton administration there was a total of one — yes one — military combat death. Compare that to the Bush record, where over 2,600 troops have needlessly died in just the Iraq War alone. Want to talk about supporting our troops? You start by keeping them out of harm’s way unless it’s absolutely the last resort — something Clinton was able to do and BushCo has failed miserably at. If you’ve got a “Support Our Troops” sticker on your car, you sure as hell better have an “Impeach Bush” sticker on your bumper.

What’s probably most disturbing, though, about this upcoming ABC broadcast is that this is a publicly owned company using the public airwaves to disseminate this package of lies and propaganda. It was bad enough in 2004 when the swift boat slime balls spread their vicious lies about John Kerry, and the majority of the media stood by and did nothing to inform the public of the truth. But now we have the media actually doing the swift-boating themselves. Liberal media, my ass.

Will the American public rise up and hold ABC and the entire Republican party accountable for this outright assault on the American system? Or are the majority of Americans so self-absorbed with themselves and/or flat out too damn stupid to see what these bastards are doing? I guess we’ll see come November.