Let the world change you... and you can change the world

Some No Brainers

There are lots of complicated issues in the world today — the Iran situation, immigration, abortion, and health care to name a few. There are many sides to these issues, and no crystal clear solutions or answers. But there are also many issues that are so simple and straight-forward that it boggles the mind that so few people can see what is so painfully obvious. In no particular order, here are some issues that make me worry about the intelligence of the American people.

No post-invasion plan in Iraq

Pretty much everyone, even more conservative types, agree that the big problem we have in Iraq today is due in large part to the fact that we really had no plans for what to do after we invaded the country. You just don’t seem to get much argument on that point. But doesn’t that raise the question of why we didn’t have any kind of plan? I never seem to hear that question asked. Let’s set aside the stupidity and gross incompetence of President Bush, as he was clearly not in charge when we made the decision to go to war — this was clearly Vice-President Cheney’s show from the outset. And say what you will about Cheney — yes, morally bankrupt and a pathetic excuse for a human being — but he is a very intelligent man. You can’t fault him for that. So you have to ask yourself, with a very smart man running the Iraq War, why were there no post-invasion plans? Seems to make no sense at all. Unless…. that was the plan! Voila, now it all makes sense. Without a plan, you’re pretty much guaranteed that we will have to maintain a post-war presence there for a long, long time. Which is exactly what they wanted from the start! They have their prima facie evidence that the “war on terror” is ongoing, and so we have to keep “them” in control of our government, because they are the only ones capable of dealing with this ongoing disaster. It’s like we’re living in a George Orwell novel.

“They hate our freedoms”

Where in the world did this notion come from? Please, someone point me to something, anything, that indicates that the motivation behind the terrorists has anything to do with our “freedoms”. Virtually everything I have read, seen, or heard indicates that what they hate is what we are doing to their native countries and has absolutely nothing to do with the way we live in our country. Their religion, their culture, their values, their ethics and morals, their history, their traditions — EVERYTHING about their societies is different from ours. And yet we are trying to force our way of life on to them by what we are doing in the Mid East. That is why they hate us! This seems so painfully obvious, and yet it’s never even mentioned. You want to solve the terrorism problem? Leave the Mid East to the people who live there! Let them solve their own problems and live the way they want to. Now of course, this is easier said than done — because of this little issue we have with our national addiction to oil, so much of which comes from that region. So there is a much bigger issue here. But how’s this for a novel idea — if the root problem is addiction to oil, why don’t we deal with that problem? We become energy independent, we no longer have to worry about a presence in the Mid East, and the terrorism problem simply goes away. So simple. But it has to start with a recognition of the obvious — they don’t hate our freedoms, they could care less about our freedoms. What they hate is our presence in their homelands.

FEMA after Katrina

There were certainly a lot of lessons to be learned from Katrina — but as you watched the disaster unfold on national TV during those first few days after the levees broke, it seemed clear that the number one biggest problem of all was with FEMA. The Clinton administration had developed FEMA into an incredibly strong agency, well funded and staffed with extremely competent people, a shining example of how a great country can work to help it’s citizens in times of emergencies. But then along came George Bush, and everything went downhill. FEMA was demoted from cabinet level status, funding was cut dramatically, the staff was gutted and replaced with Republican party loyalists who knew nothing about dealing with emergencies (just look at the resume of “Heckuva Good Job” Brownie!). It was inevitable that the next major disaster would become a catastrophe many times bigger than it should have been. And sadly, we saw the results of BushCo’s gutting of FEMA in New Orleans.

So….. clearly we would quickly learn the lesson from this and immediately rebuild FEMA back in to what it once had been, and elevate it back to cabinet level status as it so clearly needs to be. Right? Nope, nothing even close to that. And no one even raises the issue a year later. Why is FEMA not back to cabinet level status? Why does no one even raise the issue?

Idiot Nation, indeed.