Let the world change you... and you can change the world

Draft The Bush Twins

According to various sources, the President’s soon-to-be-announced “new” plan for Iraq will involve a “surge” in troops, along with a common theme of “sacrifice”. These are some strange choice of words it seems to me. Surge? This is an escalation in the war, period. Why not call it what it is? Will the media fall for this crap, or will they call it exactly what it is — an escalation. Yet another difficult test for our “liberal media”.

But that’s just good old wordsmithing, what the Karl Rove machine does so well. Far more alarming to me is Bush using the term “sacrifice”. What’s been wrong about this war from the git-go — hell, what’s been wrong about this entire administration from the git-go — is that so few people are really having to make any kind of “sacrifice”. Lord knows Mr. Bush and his cronies have not made a single sacrifice during these tormenting last six years. I can remember in the days after the 9-11 attacks thinking that surely this monstrous act would bring the nation to it’s senses, that we would realize that it was past time for us to get the hell out of the Mideast and leave that part of the world to it’s own inhabitants. Of course that would require some major lifestyle changes in learning to live with less oil and find new energy resources, and above all start a national program of conservation. Surely after that tragedy, though, we would all be able to pull together and make whatever sacrifices it took to cut our terrible dependency on foreign oil. But alas, our great Leader’s answer was “Go Shopping”. It was at that point that I realized we were in for terrible times. Little did I know.

Then along came the Katrina disaster — hundreds of thousands of Americans driven from their homes, their houses and all their possessions lost, their lives turned totally upside down. Once again, my first thought is that surely this great country will pull together all it’s resources in order to make this situation right, to restore the great city of New Orleans and get all these people back to living normal lives, as quickly as possible. Sure it was going to cost a lot of money, we might have to raise some taxes here and there. And a lot of corporations would be required to “do the right thing” and put corporate profits on the back burner for just a while. But surely the American people would be willing to make some bit of small personal sacrifice in order to help the people of New Orleans and the other Gulf regions, right? I couldn’t have been more wrong. Here we are over a year later and virtually nothing — I repeat, NOTHING — has been done to restore that region. The prevailing attitude of Americans runs from “not my problem” to “they had it coming to them”. We’re all too greedy and self-centered to even consider the idea of making some type of sacrifice in order to help these fellow Americans get back on their feet.

And now along comes Mr. Bush with his escalation of the war in Iraq, asking for “sacrifice”. Here’s an idea, Mr. Bush — how about re-instituting the draft? Sure, that’s a non-starter — ain’t going to happen. But then again, there is this unanswered question about just where are the troops going to come from in order to escalate the current war. You want sacrifice, Mr. Bush? How about asking all those fat-cat multi-millionaire supporters of yours to sign up their sons and daughters for a couple of tours of duty in Iraq? You do have to wonder just how far Bush would have gotten with his little war if there were a draft. How many of those people who were so gung-ho for Bush and his tax cuts for the wealthy would have thought twice about that if their children were looking at being conscripted in to Bush’s war games?

To give credit where credit is due, Bush is certainly on to something here with this idea of sacrifice. For far too long most Americans have been enjoying a free ride — all take, take, take and no give. It’s time to start asking all Americans to start making some sacrifice for the common good. Fat chance it’s going to happen on Mr. Bush’s watch though.