Let the world change you... and you can change the world

The V.I.P (Village Idiot President)

So why did we even bother with the Iraq Study Group? Did anyone really believe this president was going to pay any attention to what they — or anyone else for that matter — recommended? This administration is so out of touch with reality that it’s no longer even on the radar screen. Turns out, not only are we escalating the war in Iraq, it’s now becoming rather clear that this administration has it’s sights set on expanding the war into Iran and Syria. This is madness — and yet how could anyone not see it coming? For six years now we have seen this pattern repeated — so-called “extremists” making what seem like over-the-top claims of what this President was really up to, only to see those claims eventually become completely accurate. With the history of the last six years, you’ve got to be an idiot NOT to think this war is going to be expanded significantly in the next two years.

And can the Congress really do anything to stop it? Senator Joe Biden took a lot of flack for his recent comments that there might not be much that Congress could do here. Pundits went on about the Constitutional authority and power that Congress has, and how they could easily pass legislation that would stop Bush in his tracks. But seems to me there’s a slight problem here — President Bush has no respect for the Constitution and has more than amply demonstrated that the laws of this land do not apply to him. So you can harp on about what Congress in theory could do. But the reality is that we’ve got a Commander-In-Chief that just doesn’t give a rat’s ass what Congress does or what the will of the American people is.

There is of course the impeachment option. And that does seem to be getting some traction, although it would seem to still be a very remote possibility with such narrow Democratic margins in both houses. It would take a pretty major revolt amongst the Republicans for impeachment to become a reality. And even then, it would do absolutely no good to impeach just Bush, as you’d then be stuck with Cheney — who is ultimately the real madman behind all this insanity. So to right the ship, you have to impeach both of them. Is that even possible? And if so, would the Congress have the cajones to do just that — particularly when at that point in time we’re going to quite likely be in a full-fledged war against all of the Muslim world. Scary times indeed.

At the very best, it’s going to get very, very ugly over the next two years. And there’s just not a whole lot anyone can do, I’m afraid. We elected the Village Idiot to the Presidency, and we are now condemned to pay the price for that idiocy.