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Where’s The Outrage?

So now we are discovering that the CIA destroyed tapes showing prisoners being tortured. Another week, another example of high crimes in the Bush administration. Ho hum, on to more important things — when did you say the new season for American Idol starts? What’s the latest scoop on Britney and K-Fed’s divorce? And did you hear about Paris Hilton saving the elephants?

Where is the friggin’ outrage, America? For seven years now your country is being stolen from you right before your very eyes, and no one other than the Dirty F*cking Hippies seem to even care. This is the slippery slope we’ve been on ever since we let Ford pardon Nixon without any real public outcry at all. We basically said it’s OK for the President of the United States to commit high crimes. He might have to resign, but he won’t be truly punished. Then along came Reagan-Bush I and the Iran-Contra affair. Once again, we allowed the executive office to get away with outrageous criminal behavior. Not only did we not even demand resignation, we elected the co-conspirator in charge President! And so now we have Bush II-Cheney running the country with as much respect for law and order as Scarface. They lied to Congress to start a war, they’ve outed a CIA agent, they’ve tortured prisoners, they’ve spied on Americans, they’ve obstructed justice time and time again, they’ve engaged in war profiteering — the list goes on and on. And yet impeachment isn’t even on the table. Amazing.

At some point you have to say enough is enough, and stop this slow movement to outright Fascism. And no, “fascism” is not over the top at all. Do some reading on the subject — The Google is your friend — and tell me in just what ways the present administration is not fascist. Be my guest. And what’s even more mind-boggling is that you would think that even the more moderate and sensible Republicans (assuming there are any left, which may not be a very good assumption) would be on board with this. Do you really think they want Hillary Clinton or John Edwards in the White House with totally unchecked executive power? After all, what goes around comes around, no? You would think that the congressional Republicans would be tripping all over themselves to bust Bush, Cheney et al and put them in Folsom Prison and throw away the key — or else the next administration could be their worst nightmare. Could these Republicans actually be that stupid? Or do they figure that we’re so far down the path towards a totalitarian government that there’s no way the Democrats will win in 2008? Could it really be too late to save the Republic?

Update 2008.05.08: Great stuff from Charles Pierce that puts much of this in perspective relative to Barack Obama’s rhetoric of “hope”. From that article, with regards to Obama dismissing the idea of impeaching Bush and Cheney:

“He was offering a guilty country a nolo plea. Himself. Absolution without confession.

The cynic declined the deal. There were not enough people in handcuffs yet.”