Let the world change you... and you can change the world

GWOT Take Six

And so we are now marking the 5th year anniversary of the Iraq War. And the discourse in this country just gets dumber and dumber. In fact, why is there any discussion at all right now? That this invasion and occupation is the worst foreign policy mistake in the history of the U.S. is no longer up for debate. What ever possessed anyone in this country to believe that a bunch of white Anglo Christian Westerners could go over to the Mid East and tell Muslims how to run their lives and their countries? That was shear lunacy from the beginning. How the “debate” over Iraq even lasted more than 30 minutes will be something that historians will marvel at years from now. And the fact that this “debate” has gone on steadily, week after week, for five years now? It’s beyond idiocy. Webster’s doesn’t even have a word for it.

And then there’s the idiots we now have in charge of the country. What is going on with Dick Cheney? For seven years he’s shown nothing but contempt for the American people. From his top-secret energy task force meetings in his first months of office (where it’s clear by now that this whole Iraq venture was originally hatched), up to his latest impudent dismissal of American public opinion about Iraq. Why does the media or anyone in their right minds even pay attention to this guy any more? And now we hear his comment about how it’s such a great thing that all the troops who have lost their lives for this brain dead adventure in Iraq — like it’s all OK because they were all volunteers? WTF? This guy is a pathetic, despicable ogre.

And speaking of anniversaries, we’re also coming up on that of “Mission Accomplished”. Was it not patently obvious even back in 2000 that George Bush was a total moron? How could anyone with an IQ over 50 not have seen that? But for those who somehow couldn’t see the obvious, when he pulled that stunt landing on an aircraft carrier decked out in a jet fighter’s apparel — how could you not possibly watch that event and think to yourself “Oh My God, what have we done? We’ve got a President who thinks he’s an 8-year old kid out playing army in the back yard”! And even if somehow you got caught up in the bullshit (like so much of the media did), just look at the man today. Have you really listened to him speak? He can’t form complete sentences, most of what he says doesn’t even begin to make sense, and when he does happen to string together a couple of words that actually work together grammatically the thoughts end up being so far detached from reality that you wonder where his mind could possibly be. This is the “Emperor’s New Clothes” fairy tale come to life!

January 20, 2009 can not get here fast enough.