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Another Week In Idiot Nation

There has been some refreshing commentary over the past couple of weeks, indicating that at long last we might actually be starting to address the number one problem in this country — namely that a huge percentage of Americans are total idiots. Paul Krugman brings the issue to the forefront, and even Barack Obama made a rather bold comment on the subject. It all started with Obama noting that Americans could make a major impact in solving the energy problem simply by keeping their tires inflated properly. Now that’s (1) a well-documented fact, and (2) something anyone in this day and age of $4/gallon gasoline should know. And it’s your basic win-win proposition. It costs you nothing, you save money, the country uses less gasoline, it helps reduce our dependence on foreign oil, it reduces CO2 emissions — absolutely no downsides whatsoever. How in the world could anyone find anything wrong with the suggestion? Well, we’ve got a lot of idiots in this country, and the Republican party seems to have a monopoly on the most stupid of the stupid.

As I’ve said on many occasions (see here, here, and here), we live in Idiot Nation. And therein really lies the problem. I can sometimes understand what’s going on behind the stupidity, as what’s really going on is that people are greedy and self-centered. And as Upton Sinclair famously noted, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it”. But in this case, unless you are an oil company exec, the tire inflation suggestion is going to save you money! It’s in your best interest, regardless of how you twist it! And yet here we are, with John McCain and the Republican party mocking Obama for his suggestion.

And if that weren’t enough stupid for you, their proposal is that we should start drilling in places like ANWR and off-shore sites. This in spite of the fact that even BushCo’s own government experts tell us that (a) there’s not enough oil there to really make a significant difference, and (b) even if there were, it would take years before the drilling could start to actually yield results. And even if somehow the oil companies could miraculously start producing oil immediately from those places, they still wouldn’t do it because the price of oil is not yet high enough to cover their costs! So this whole idea of offshore drilling is so dumb it defies description. And yet that’s the solution McCain and the Republicans are pushing.

Don’t get me wrong — John McCain is a true hero, and a great American. But when it comes to running the country, he is no different than George Bush. He’s a total idiot. And anyone with half a brain can see that. But alas, it seems a lot of Americans don’t even have half a brain.