Let the world change you... and you can change the world

Educating Idiot Nation

Ever in search of answers as to why America has turned in to Idiot Nation, this proposal from university presidents to lower the drinking age to 18 goes a long way towards explaining the problem. If the presidents of major universities are this stupid, how in the world can we expect students coming out of these schools to be anything other than brain dead stupid? Did any of these people actually stop to do maybe five minutes of research on alcoholism and binge drinking before they joined this movement? Lowering the drinking age to 18 as a solution to binge drinking makes as much sense as doing away with speed limits as a solution to people speeding.

Of course this is like everything else these days in America — what they are really wanting to accomplish is something totally different than what they are saying. It’s no different than selling folks on the idea that we are fighting terrorism in Iraq, when the truth is that we’re really there for no other reason than to control the flow of oil. In this case, these college presidents simply don’t want the responsibility for under-aged drinking — but that’s not going to sell very well so they concoct the binge drinking story line. What a load of crap. Take a look at this list, parents. And keep your children very, very far away from those schools.