Let the world change you... and you can change the world

Wake Up America!

Why is the media still obsessing over this Sarah Palin story? This is a story that should have had no legs at all, lasting maybe 2-3 days after the convention. Whether you love her or despise her, and what you do and don’t believe about her just simply does not matter. The story of this election is not Sarah Palin, nor is it John McCain, nor for that matter is it even Barack Obama. The story of this election is the undeniable fact that the last eight years with a Republican White House has been the biggest disaster in the history of this country. You can not name one positive thing that has happened to this country over the last eight years under Bush/Cheney. Not a single thing. Yet the list of negatives goes on for miles — 9/11, the Iraq War, Katrina, a crashing economy, historic budget deficits, a national debt that will cripple this nation for generations, corporate scandals, government spying on citizens, torturing prisoners, the loss of habeas corpus, a rapidly deteriorating environment, global warming going unchecked, dependence on foreign oil that will destroy this country in so many different ways. The list literally just goes on and on, almost without end.

So there’s one and only one issue at play here. Do you want another four years of this total incompetence and outright criminal behavior in the White House, or do you want to at last turn things around and try to restore democracy and the constitution and a government that is of laws and not of men, and is for “we the people”, not just for the rich and big corporations? This could be our last chance. Right now, hopefully at least, things can be fixed. But give the Republican party four more years, and there will be nothing left to fix. The United States will become just another banana republic, a fascist plutocracy. Is that what you want for your children and your grand children?

Wake up America! This is painfully simple. It’s not about the candidates. If you believe in the future of this country, you vote Democratic. If you want to complete the destruction of this country, you vote Republican.