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The Shame of John McCain

It’s hard to believe that just eight short years ago John McCain was actually a pretty decent politician. Yes, he tended to be on the conservative side of issues but at the same time he was certainly no right-wing zealot, and most of the time he seemed to show some common sense and compassion. For example, he opposed Bush’s outrageous tax cuts for the rich, he was generally in agreement with global warming issues, and he would have nothing to do with the religious zealots that so many in the Republican party cozied up to.

But look at the poor man now. Every day there’s a new example of just how dishonest, how disingenuous, how totally devoid of integrity the man has become. The “lipstick on a pig” and sex-education in kindergarten and bridge-to-nowhere stories are just the tip of the iceberg. It seems like every day there’s another blatant lie coming from McCain that’s being challenged not only by the Obama campaign but by most independent organizations as well. McCain has even resorted to lying about what some of the fact checking organizations themselves are saying. He lies, he’s caught in the lie, and then he lies about being caught in the lie.

You would think after the last eight years of the Village Idiot Presidency that Americans would be so embarrassed for what their country has become that they would never, ever even nominate the likes of McCain and Palin. John McCain has become a disgrace to everything this country ever stood for. You really have to wonder about the morals and intellect of anyone who would actually consider voting for him.