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What’s The Matter With Louisiana?

So the folks in Detroit can’t quite understand what’s going on with the Louisiana congressional representatives who took part in the smack down of the automotive industry, putting the entire economy of Detroit on the brink of collapse.  While BushCo was doing nothing in the aftermath of Katrina, the auto companies and the UAW were donating millions of dollars in cash and automobiles to help get the recovery going.  But now that the tables are turned and it’s the auto companies that need help, the Louisiana Republicans could not be any more insensitive.

Forget about what’s the matter with Kansas, the far more intriguing question is what the hell is wrong with Louisiana?  More so than any other state, the last eight years of Republican rule has been a total nightmare for the state.  Look at not only what happened during Katrina, but the total lack of attention the area has gotten from the Bush administration since then.  And yet in November the state voted overwhelmingly for McCain by nearly a 20 pt. margin.  Somebody explain that to me.  What does it take to convince the people of Louisiana that the Republican party could not possibly care less about them.