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You’re Either For Us Or Against Us

In listening to all this crap about “bipartisanship”, it occurs to me that what Obama should do is take a page from the Bush-Cheney playbook on Iraq. The rallying cry of the neoconservatives in the runup to the war was “You’re either for us or against us”. And look at how well that worked. 39% of Democrats in the House voted with the President, and in the Senate 58% of the Democrats voted for the resolution. A war resolution that made no sense at all, that defied everything the Democratic party stood for and yet the Dems were stumbling all over themselves to vote for it. Even such notable “liberals” as Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, and John Kerry were kowtowed by that rallying cry.

So why not use the same tactic on the economic recovery package? We have the greatest economy in the world, but it is teetering on the edge of a major meltdown. This is a far more serious threat than Iraq ever was. Anybody opposing the package is clearly “against” America and it’s future. It’s that simple. Why all this bipartisan crap? This is the economic equivalent of the Iraq war. You are either for us or against us. If you oppose the stimulus package, you hate America.