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Where’s The Stimulus?

Sorting out exactly what all is in the recently passed stimulus bill is difficult at best, but this seems to be a pretty accurate summary of what’s in there:

“The plan includes tax cuts and government spending worth nearly $800 billion, including about $300 billion in tax cuts for individuals and businesses; $250 billion in aid to fiscally strapped state and local governments; $150 billion in various kinds of infrastructure spending; and $100 billion in income support for workers who lose jobs.”

So in spite of all the whining from the Republicans, almost 40% of the “stimulus” is in the form of tax cuts, which most legitimate economists don’t think will be all that effective. And another 30% is pretty much devoted to stopping the bleeding — aid to states so that they can keep essential services going plus aid to people who have lost their jobs. Which leaves a paltry 30% for true stimulus — spending that will actually improve the economy. It’s clearly better than nothing, but based on what most of the experts are saying it’s clearly not enough.