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A-Rod, Steroids and Wall St.

In reading about the current brouhaha over Alex Rodriguez and his use of steroids, it occurs to me that there’s really no difference at all between major league baseball back in the late 1990’s and what is happening on Wall Street right now. Back then the baseball powers that be were looking the other way when everyone who followed the sport knew that players like McGuire and Sosa and Bonds were juiced to the hilt on performance enhancing drugs. But the home runs were flying out of stadiums, the fans loved it, and attendance and thus profits were soaring. So the owners took a laissez faire approach to running the game. Why not, they were making money — and that’s what it’s all about for these type people. Well, what’s the difference between that scenario and what we’re now watching happen on Wall Street? Absolutely nothing. Greedy people are always going to find a way to game the system in order to make themselves wealthy, to the detriment of every one else. And that’s exactly why you need government regulation of business. Laissez faire won’t work — never has, never will. When will the American people learn?