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A Novel Idea On Taxes

How can any reasonable person be opposed to the idea of letting the Bush tax cuts for the rich expire? They were uncalled for to begin with — we’d just gone through eight of the most prosperous years in the history of this country, and the wealthy benefited far more than any other socioeconomic group during that time. Then when Bush went on his great Iraqi adventure, they clearly needed to be done away with in order to pay for that fiasco. And now in retrospect, we can easily see how the previous 20 years of Reaganomics had pushed us to the economic brink, and the Bush tax cuts were what initially sent us over the cliff.

There’s not one single good reason to not let them expire. Heck, how’s this for an idea — we re-instate the old tax rates on an ex post facto basis! If everyone who benefited from those tax cuts were to reimburse the government for all the taxes they should have been paying over the last eight years, the federal government wouldn’t be in near the dire financial straits that it now finds itself.