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The Problem With Bipartisanship

From Paul Krugman:

I’d really like to see some genuine bipartisanship in America. But that can’t happen until we start having at least somewhat sane partisans.

This is what I’ve been saying for some time now. Today’s Republican Party is an unholy union of plutocrats, racists and bigots, and religious extremists. There’s no “sanity” to be found in any of those groups. The whole party needs to be destroyed and re-built from the ground up.

And speaking of which, what is the deal with all this Rush Limbaugh news of late? Personally I put Limbaugh in the same category as Britney Spears and Paris Hilton when it comes to news — they are all sad commentaries on our society, and that they ever make front-page news is just a confirmation of that fact. But then, this “fight” seems to have been picked by the White House. What is really up with that? Could it be that the Obama administration is beginning to understand that there is no way to work with these buffoons, and this is the beginning of a subtle plan to discredit and destroy them all together?