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Social Capitalism?

Harold Myerson has some interesting comments about this  “socialism” thing. Quite frankly, I never have understood why the whole concept of socialism has such a negative connotation for so many Americans. People are all for democracy in the political system, so why wouldn’t you want democracy in your economic system as well? And that’s really all that socialism amounts to — the same equality, freedom, and rights that we enjoy as citizens extended to our roles as consumers and workers. What’s so bad about that? As it is, free-market capitalism is a totally authoritarian system. Workers and consumers have virtually no rights. Corporations and the executives who run them pretty much function as economic dictators. What’s there to like about that? Unless you are a Wall St. tycoon or some corporate fat-cat making $500K or more per year, the current economic system is not in your best interest. Not even close to it. Why can’t more people see that?