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Tea Party Absurdity

One of the many quandaries of the Bush administration was just how the village idiot got elected President even once, much less twice. Were the 62 million people who voted for Bush total idiots themselves and thus just voting for one of their own, or were they just fooled by the “good old boy” persona and really didn’t mean to put a dunce in the White House? Well, the current “tea party” demonstrations are certainly removing any doubt about the stupidity of a large segment of these people. Bush is long gone from the public sector, and yet these people continue to display their ignorance. What exactly are they protesting? Taxes? Sheez, the only tax changes passed so far by the Obama administration are tax CUTS for people making less than $250K/year. You have to figure most of the people taking part in these protests are in that category. Are they so stupid that they are protesting the fact that they are going to pay less in taxes?

Even the idea that they might be protesting government spending is absurd. Where were these people when George Bush was turning the $240 billion surplus that he inherited from Clinton in to a $500 billion deficit? Anyone who has voted Republican in the last 28 years simply has no right to object to anything the Obama administration might do. And beyond that, there’s the whole issue of what the government spending is meant to accomplish. In the Bush administration, the sole objective of the spending and tax cuts was to transfer wealth from the poor and middle class to the wealthiest Americans. Contrast that to the Obama administration’s budget, which is the exact opposite, designed to help the poor and the middle class. And again, I have to believe that the vast majority of these “tea baggers” are in fact middle class Americans who will inevitably benefit from the current spending. But alas, they are just too stupid to see this, and instead allow themselves to be used by the rich and big corporations.