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Conservative Is Just Another Word For Self-Centered

As Atrios notes, “When a Republican starts to do the right thing it’s usually because something has affected them personally”. The vast majority of so-called conservatives are really not so much “conservative” as they are self-centered. They are only conservative on issues that don’t affect them — but once an issue gets close to home, they jump on the liberal bandwagon, but just for that one issue. Dick Cheney is a perfect example — as right-wing as it gets on virtually every issue. But gay rights? Nope, he’s got a gay daughter, and thus he’s very much a liberal on that one issue that affects him personally. Nancy Reagan is another great example — another extreme right-winger. But her husband Ronald suffered from Alzheimer’s so guess where she stands on stem cell research. Naturally she’s in the liberal camp on that one. You see this type thing all the time with conservatives. They rail against big government, except for when it benefits them directly like in a huge military and then they are all for it. There’s nothing conservative at all about these people — they’re just selfish and don’t care about anyone other than themselves.