Let the world change you... and you can change the world

Wasn’t Fooled Again

Good take down of Roger Cohen here. Nothing boils my blood more than these self-righteous sermons about how everyone got caught up in the trauma of 9/11, this idea that “There but for the grace of God go I” is all that separates me from the villains that we now pursue. That’s a total fabrication, a total misrepresentation of reality. In fact, it goes beyond the “9/11 changed everything” mindset. I can well remember the day that George Bush got elected, when my first and foremost thought was “We are now truly fucked.” This was clearly going to be a totally incompetent administration, one with no moral compass whatsoever. Back then I was amazed at how many seemingly intelligent people could not see the reality of the situation — indeed, that so many people today still don’t realize what happened is just incredulous. But the fact is that there were a lot of us that called “bullshit” on this whole insanity — we knew we were in dangerous waters the day the Supreme Court caved in and gave the Presidency to George Bush. Everything that happened after 9/11 should have surprised no one. Trying to re-write history with this notion that everyone got caught up in the moment is just more of the same crap that allowed it to happen in the first place.