Let the world change you... and you can change the world

Bizarro World

This is bizarro world stuff.  When he was The Second Most Important Person In The Free World, when his decisions affected the lives of billions of people, we rarely ever saw or heard from Dick Cheney.  But now that he’s an ordinary citizen with absolutely no power over anything, he’s everywhere.  But what’s bizarre is that he can’t stop talking about the fact that he indeed did authorize the illegal torture of prisoners.  He’s essentially saying “Hey, I’m guilty.”  And now he’s openly stated that George Bush was in on it as well, just as guilty as he is:

“He basically authorized it. I mean, this was a presidential level decision. And the decision went to the president. He signed off on it.”

Where are you Justice Department?  You’ve got a slam dunk case here.  Grab a tape of this Face The Nation show and head to court.  You’ve got a bald-faced admission of guilt, let’s see some justice done!