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Another Edition of Simple Solutions

I never have understood this whole gay marriage issue.  How did this even become an issue?  Or more precisely, how did the government ever get involved in the institution of marriage in the first place?  Marriage is a religious ceremony, right?  No different than baptism, confirmation, or Bar and Bat Mitzvah.  Does the government have any laws regarding who can and can not be baptized?  Of course not.  We are after all a secular government.  We have “freedom of religion”, the state does not get involved in a person’s religious beliefs and practices.  That was one of the main driving forces in the Pilgrims coming to America in the first place.  If it were not for this issue of separation of church and state, we might well be nothing more than a British territory to this day.

So someone tell me why the government has arbitrarily decided to make laws regarding marriage?  Isn’t the simple and obvious answer to this whole gay marriage issue to take the government out of the marriage business all together and leave the institution of marriage to the churches?  For government and legal purposes you have civil unions, for religious purposes you have marriage.  And being a government that supports equality, anyone can enter in to a civil union.  Banning gay civil unions makes as much sense as banning civil unions between tall people and short people.

Seems like getting the government out of the marriage business should make everyone happy.  If you don’t like the idea of gays getting married, then fine — join a church that doesn’t allow gay marriage.  No one should have a problem with that.  But if you don’t like the idea of gays having civil unions — well then, you are a bigot of the highest order and no one cares what you think.