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Just How Looney Is The Current Republican Party?

I trust all this media hoopla over the Sotomayor nomination to the Supreme Court is nothing more than a by-product of our infamous 24/7 internet and cable news cycles which only have about an hour or so of legitimate news per day that’s actually worth covering.  Surely once the nomination gets to Congress and plays out there, it will sail quickly through the process, no?  I mean, how can any Republican with any common sense at all make a fuss here?  She was after all initially nominated to be a federal judge by none other than George Bush the First.  You can’t have more middle-of-the-road credentials than that.  Plus she represents two demographic groups that are extremely under-represented in the judicial system.  Are you really going to attack an Hispanic, the fastest growing demographic group in the country right now, and clearly the most under-represented in our system of government?  Naturally you’ve got the right-wing crazies like Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh going after her — when you are out there in looney land with them, heck George H.W. Bush is a liberal.  But surely the mainstream Republicans aren’t going to challenge this one.  Or is the Republican party really that far gone?  I guess we will see.