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Who Knows What Evil Lurks

I suspect Leon Panetta is saying out loud what a lot of people have been thinking over the last couple of months. It’s impossible to know exactly what evil lurks in the mind and soul of Dick Cheney, but hypothesizing that he wouldn’t mind seeing the country attacked by terrorists just to prove himself right is not a stretch by any means. If you look back at the events leading up to 9/11, it’s pretty clear that it was this exact same type of thinking that made that infamous attack possible. Again, no one can say exactly what Bush and Cheney were thinking in those months, but work through it logically. They came into office looking for a reason to launch a military invasion in the Middle East, that much is pretty well documented. And at that time they were being inundated with information telling them that terrorism was a very real threat and something needed to be done about it immediately. There was the Hart-Rudman report, which was never even read by a single member of the Bush administration. There was Richard Clark, chief counter-terrorism adviser, begging the administration to do something about the terrorism threat, only to be totally ignored. Not only ignored, but demoted from cabinet position level. There were the Presidential Daily Briefings warning of attacks, also infamously ignored by Bush. The list goes on and on. What was going through these people’s minds when they decided to do nothing, absolutely nothing, about preventing such an attack? It’s hard to imagine that they simply thought it was never going to happen. And yet they did nothing. How do you explain that? Could it be that their “logic” was that should such an attack occur that it would give them the perfect excuse to invade the Middle East? As sinister as it sounds, that’s a perfectly logical conclusion. Not only that, it’s about the only logical conclusion you can come up with. So it’s hardly a stretch to think that Dick Cheney is yet once again “wishing that this country would be attacked”.