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The Public Option Is The Only Option

The current battle over health care reform is shaping up to be a nice litmus test of whether or not the adults are finally back in charge of the nation, or whether the last election was nothing more than an anomaly and we still are one big Idiot Nation. As Krugman points out, the issue really isn’t so much about how the quality of health care in the U.S. compares to that in other advanced countries — by most measurements it is indeed not as good, but by other standards it may be a push. But that’s not the point of health care reform — the issues are that (a) while virtually all other advanced countries have some form of universal care, we do not, and (b) the cost of health care in the U.S. is far higher than elsewhere. And the only way to solve those two problems is with some type of public option where you have a government-run insurance plan that competes with private insurance industry. Any solution that does not include some type of public option is just smoke and mirrors to maintain the status quo. Without such an option it will be business as usual in the health care industry.

Now what’s particularly interesting is that the vast majority of Americans seem to understand this. According to one poll, 72% of Americans favor the idea of a government administered health insurance plan. So what we have is a clear solution to a major problem, and a solution that most people are in favor of. A classic “no brainer”. This legislation should sail through Congress like a resolution honoring Mom and apple pie. If it doesn’t, then it would be further proof that indeed not much of anything has changed in Idiot Nation.