Let the world change you... and you can change the world

Our Pathetic Two-Party System

The current rhetoric over the Iran situation makes for a great illustration of what is so wrong with both the Democratic and Republican parties these days.  When George Bush was in office and pretty much screwing up everything he touched in the Middle East, any time a Democrat even hinted that maybe what we were doing was a bit insane, Republicans would accuse that person of being a traitor.  It was unpatriotic to not stand behind the President and support his policies, right or wrong.  And so the vast majority of Democrats cowered in the corner, afraid to speak up as BushCo made one disastrous mistake after another.

My how times have changed.  Now it’s the Republicans blasting Obama’s policies in the Middle East.  What was treasonous just a few years ago is now OK?  What hypocrisy.  And what stupidity to boot.  It was the ludicrous interventionist policies that made the Iran situation in to the mess it is today — and these fools just want to continue to screw things up even more?  They just need to STFU.

But you do have to give the Republicans credit for having the cojones to speak up, as stupid as their ideas are.  If only the Democrats had the courage to challenge Bush-Cheney six years ago, Iran and the entire Middle East wouldn’t be in near the mess they are now.  But alas, that’s what we are stuck with for our two major parties — one party filled with courageous idiots and the other filled with cowardly patriots.  If only the Democrats would grow a spine.