Let the world change you... and you can change the world

Idiots In Charge

So now California finds itself in deep do-do. Who could have predicted that when they elected an idiot like Arnold Schwarzenegger as Governor? The one thing I will never ever understand about today’s conservatives is why they choose to elect the most stupid, most incompetent people to public office. Schwarzenegger is to California what George Bush was to the United States. You elect a moron as chief executive, there will be consequences. How can there not be? As liberal/progressive as I tend to be, I would never vote for an incompetent regardless of how close that person might be to my political beliefs. If it came down to voting for a liberal moron or a smart, knowledgeable moderate/conservative I’d either vote for the latter or not vote at all. It just makes no sense to put someone in office that is totally incapable of doing anything right, regardless of what their beliefs are. And yet time and again, that’s exactly what Republicans and conservatives do. Boggles the mind.

This is the reason why I don’t object to Barack Obama as much as many on the left do. Yes, on many issues he’s a bit too conservative for me — heck, on some he’s way too conservative. But say what you will, Obama is incredibly intelligent, very knowledgeable, and above all cares not only about wealthy Americans, but also the middle class and the poor, and more importantly, is deeply concerned about the future America that we will leave to our children. So for those reasons I can cut him some slack. Whatever he ends up doing and accomplishing, you know it’s going to be the end result of an intelligent process. Which I’ll take any day over the village idiots that the Republican Party keeps trying to put in to office.