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Yes, It WAS Stupid!

Good for Obama for not backing down from his cops “acted stupidly” remark. Everybody is all bent out of shape by what he said, but the reality is that Obama was 100% accurate and it’s oh so refreshing to have a leader that not only deals with reality and deals with it intelligently, but also refuses to back down from that stance when it ruffles a few feathers politically.

The Henry Gates Jr. episode is yet another example of how things transpire in a nation of idiots. When the police entered Gates’ home demanding to see identification, they were doing their job exactly as they should. This could well have been a burglary in process, and their job is to find out if that is indeed what is happening. When confronted, professor Gates got very upset. But not only does he have a right to be upset, it’s also perfectly understandable. He is in his home, doing absolutely nothing illegal, and the police are implying that he’s a common thief. I dare say that most anyone who found themselves in that situation would be upset. Throw in the fact that he had just gotten home from a long overseas trip, was probably very tired, and then had to deal with a jammed front door — well, his behavior is more than understandable. But once he provided identification to the police, that’s where things ventured off into stupid land. At that point, it’s very clear that he is a law abiding citizen who has done nothing wrong and the police have no further justification for being in his private residence. There’s one and only one thing for the police to do at that point — leave immediately. Now an apology would be the civil thing to do, but then given that Gates apparently had not been all that civil in his reactions, you can certainly excuse the police for not being civil either. That’s fine. But to arrest Gates in his own home without any reason whatsoever? Sorry, but that’s way beyond stupid.

So Obama had it exactly right here. The police acted stupidly. You just can’t frame it any other way. Unless of course, you are stupid.