Let the world change you... and you can change the world

Beware The Crazies

It’s hard to decide whether to laugh at or be scared of these folks that are now so outraged over the health care issue.  Their stupidity is nothing new — the right-wing has been dominated by idiots for a long time now.  But some of the issues they are citing are so far removed from the facts and the truth, you have to think a lot of them deep down understand that what they are spouting is pure nonsense — and what’s really going on is something much deeper than just the health care issue, or the stimulus package, or taxes, or whatever it is they are screaming about.

What’s really going on is that the America that they grew up in seems to be disappearing before their very eyes.  From the early 80’s of Ronald Reagan through the 00’s of George Bush, their world was ruled by white-anglo, Christian, heterosexuals — and anyone that didn’t fit that mold was inferior and that’s the way things were supposed to be.  Their rulers were the wealthy white people who ran the big corporations, and their real God was money.  Greed and self-centeredness and racism and bigotry were all the unspoken character traits that they secretly held on to.  Any policy or legislation that meant more for them and less for everyone else was just fine.

But last November, their world came crashing down with the election of the first black President.  During the election you could sense that something crazy might be brewing, what with all the accusations of Obama being a Muslim, a terrorist, some kind of Manchurian candidate.  But that was somewhat contained, at least not out there in the main stream of conservatism.  But then came the appointment of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, and then the nomination of a Hispanic to the Supreme Court.  Then came the economic stimulus package, something that would actually benefit the poor and the unemployed.  And now we have this crazy notion that all Americans should have access to quality health care.  It’s all proved too much for these people — their lily-white, hypocritical Christian world was disappearing before their very eyes.  And so they have pretty much lost it and are now left to running around, disrupting town hall meetings, screaming slogans that make no sense at all.

It all should be nothing more than fodder for late night comedians, but some Senators and Congressmen seem to be taking these people seriously.  Are they going to be able to stop health care reform?  Are we really going to let a fringe group of right-wing extremists stop the progressive movement that is just barely getting started?  Well, this is the nation that elected the Village Idiot as President, so I stopped being surprised a long time ago.