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Why The Public Option Is The Only Option

Why is the “public option” so critical to health care reform? Ezra Klein makes the point with this great analogy:

“Insurers make money by denying claims. Money they spend on health care is money they lose (they even have a name for it: the “medical-loss ratio”). Private insurance is a bit like a fire department that turns a profit by letting buildings burn down.”

As long as the only players in the health care business are for-profit corporations, we will not have quality health care. It’s that brain-dead simple. And as Klein points out, the overwhelming majority (62%) of Americans do understand this and want a public option. So why is this even being debated anymore? It’s time for the Obama administration to tell the Republican Party they had their chance to participate in the process and they blew it. Remove them from the process entirely, and get on with the business of accomplishing true reform, which means a public option.