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There’s No Democracy In Capitalism

Michael Moore says what I’ve been saying for a long time, that capitalism “is not a democratic system” and that it is indeed the “enemy of democracy”:

I’ve always marveled that so few people are able to see the hypocrisy of being a strong advocate of democracy as a political system, and yet their heads explode at even the suggestion of anything that might resemble socialism. Socialism is basically democracy applied to an economic system. If you like democracy, you should like socialism. Now that’s not to say that a 100% socialistic economic system is preferable to a 100% capitalistic system. There are certain aspects of capitalism that are critical to having a strong, robust economy. But capitalism taken to it’s extreme, where corporations have more rights and far more power than citizens, ends up destroying a society. You end up with a country where each succeeding generation is less well off than the previous one, as more and more of the wealth gets cornered by a smaller and smaller segment of the society — those who control the mega-corporations. The only way to reverse this trend and have a more democratic economic system is via government regulation and control of the “free market” system so that everyone benefits, not just a small handful of people. So painfully simple and obvious, and yet so few people seem to grasp the concept.

Hopefully Moore’s upcoming movie will open some minds to what is really going on.