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The Iran Nuclear Conundrum

There are no good answers as to how to address the Iran nuclear weapons issue. Cleary Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is one of the “bad guys”, and Iran under his leadership is one of the “bad countries”. They are a despotic country, they are a threat to world peace (what there is of it these days), yada, yada. But the fact remains that they are also a sovereign country, and as such have every right to maintain deterrents to foreign invasion. Can you really blame Iran for not wanting to be able to protect itself? If Israel is allowed to have nuclear weapons, why should Iran be denied? Heck, for that matter, if the U.S. has nuclear weapons then shouldn’t Iran have them? After all, if the U.S. can invade Iraq unilaterally with no justification whatsoever, why should Iran think they are safe from American hegemony?

This whole problem is yet another “no brainer” that no one really seems to want to talk about. Ultimately if you want to do away with the prospect of any kind of nuclear war, you have to ban all nuclear weapons, period. You can’t have a few select nations that are self-designated keepers of the peace and who are allowed to have nuclear weapons, while the rest of the world goes unarmed. That’s ridiculous. With the invasion of Iraq, the U.S. itself lost all claims to any kind of moral high ground. The only way you can legitimately ask a country like Iran (or Israel or Pakistan or any other country) to not pursue nuclear weapons, is for every country to join in a pact to get rid of all nuclear weapons. If the U.S. really does want to regain the moral high ground, then that’s the only way to proceed. This idea that some countries can have nuclear weapons while others can not is totally ridiculous.