Let the world change you... and you can change the world

The Real Hate America Crowd

Every time you think the right-wing nut jobs can’t possibly become any more despicable, they prove you wrong.  This reaction to Chicago losing out on it’s Olympic bid is absolutely bizarre.  These guys want you to believe they are the only true patriots and they are the ones that love America and everyone else who doesn’t adhere to their extremism is a traitor who hates America?  And then along comes an effort to bring the 2016 Summer Olympics to the United States.  What could possibly be more patriotic than wanting to host the Olympics?  The Olympics are a symbol of world peace and international cooperation, an event that every red-white-and-blue American surely would be proud to have hosted in the United States, right?  But no, these whack jobs are ecstatic that America lost the bid!  American loses!  Let’s celebrate!  Oh happy day!  Absolutely, frigging amazing.

Could it now be any clearer exactly who it is that hates America?  That these people dominate the media the way they do tells you just how sick a society we have become.