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Rush Comes Clean

Speaking of Rush Limbaugh….. I normally try to avoid even bringing him up, under the theory that if you ignore gas bags like this they will eventually just go away. And even if he is here to stay, why publicize people filled with bigotry and hatred? But that said, I’ve always had a theory about him — that he’s really nothing more than an entertainer and that he is one of the greediest people in the known universe and thus does what he does for one and only one reason — money. You don’t have to listen to him much to realize that he is fairly smart, unlike other right-wing gas bags like O’Reilly and Beck who are clearly idiots. Limbaugh realized a long time ago that there was money to be made out of these right-wing bigots, and all he is doing is milking that cow. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me that if you strapped him down and filled him with truth serum, you would find that he really doesn’t believe half of what he says. He’s essentially the Madonna of talk radio — he basically says whatever it is he thinks will get a rise out of his audience, which invariably leads to more popularity and thus more money for him.

So that’s been my theory for some time now — and it turns out, apparently I was right on the money (pun intended). Check out this clip from an upcoming Limbaugh interview on NBC, where he comes right out and says “I am doing my radio show for … money!” Now I’m guessing that later in that interview he does backtrack on that comment and tries to re-assure his followers that he does indeed care about furthering their agenda of hatred and bigotry. But if he does, that’s all show — for Rush the only thing that matters is “Show me the money”. And what’s really sad, is that for most of his audience that’s probably OK by them. They are all too stupid to even realize they are being used.