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Back To Being A Nation Of Laws

After eight long years, finally we are going to start prosecuting some of the terrorists responsible for the 9/11 attacks. You would think this is good news that would be applauded by all Americans. But here’s what Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) had to say:

“Putting political ideology ahead of the safety of the American people just to fulfill an ill-conceived campaign promise is irresponsible.”

Political ideology? No, Mr. Cornyn, it’s the American system of justice and the U.S. Constitution that is being adhered to. And it’s not being put “ahead” of anything — it’s what insures the safety and liberty of every American. It comes before everything else. Ill-conceived campaign promise? No, it’s seeing that justice is finally carried out for the monsters that attacked us on 9/11. Something that the Bush administration had eight years to do, but never accomplished. This, Mr. Cornyn, is the ultimate proof that the terrorists did not win on 9/11. The American system of liberty and justice has finally prevailed. We were a nation of laws before 9/11, and after a brief departure from that fundamental requirement of democracy during the Bush years, we are back to being a nation of laws.

If this was some moronic right-wing whack job spouting this crap, it wouldn’t be quite so disturbing. But Cornyn at one point actually served on the Texas Supreme Court. And still he has not the slightest grasp of how a democracy works. That is scary.