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Keeping Terrorism In Perspective

So now because of the latest failed terrorist attack we are going to make air travel even more inconvenient, spend millions of dollars on full body scanners, bag the U.S. Constitution and resort to racial profiling, and if the likes of Joe Lieberman have their way invade yet another MidEast country.  Make no mistake about it, terrorist attacks on U.S. citizens are horrible, and preventing terrorism has to be an important priority.  But let’s keep things in perspective here.  Last year, no American died as a result of a domestic terrorist attack.  Zero, nada.  Yet 45,000 Americans died because they lacked proper health care.  You would think that health care reform would thus be an even higher priority than dealing with terrorism, right?  Yet here we are with very little if anything being done to correct the health care system which could save thousands of lives every year — but we’re talking about spending billions of dollars and trashing the U.S. Constituion in order to fight the crime of domestic terrorism, which hasn’t resulted in any deaths since the tragedy of 2001.

Seems pretty clear that the real villians that we need to truly fear are those that oppose health care reform, not Muslim extremists.  They are killing far more Americans every year than any terrorist ever has.