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The Real Reason Why American Journalism Is In Trouble

We keep hearing stories about how American journalism is in so much trouble and how all the various news media are going broke.  And inevitably the rise of the internet is given as the number one cause of this downfall.  But then when you dig in to these stories, they never really explain exactly how the internet is responsible other than the fact that the decline of journalism and the rise in popularity of the internet happened at about the same time.  Thus, there must be a cause-and-effect relationship there.

I say that’s total bullshit, and I give you this week’s major news stories as perfect examples of why American journalism is going down the toilet.  First we have the story of Republicans calling for Harry Reid’s resignation over some comments he made about Barack Obama during the Presidential campaign last year.  How does this story not get laughed right off the front page?  Today’s Republican party is the modern day version of the Ku Klux Klan.  There’s currently not a single black Republican serving in office at the national level — not one black Governor, not one black Senator, not one black Congressperson.  Compare that to 41 black Democrats serving at that level.  In the last three Presidential elections, less than 10% of blacks voted for the Republican candidate.  For all practical purposes, the Republican Party is one big “whites only” club.  For them to accuse anyone of racism is absurd.

Then there’s the other major story of Republicans berating Obama as being soft on terrorism and continuing to parrot the line that George Bush kept us safe from terrorist attacks.  I understand that for a period right after the 9-11 attacks the nation was traumatized and it was difficult to look at that terrible day with any kind of objectivity and so Bush-Cheney-et al got a free pass for a while — but it’s now been over eight years, time enough to let facts and reality sink in.  And the truth is that under Bush and the Republicans this country suffered it’s worst terrorist attack in history.  I don’t care how you frame the issue — civilian vs. non-civilian, Muslim extremist vs. other extremist, domestic vs. foreign, failed attack vs. successful — regardless of what criteria you use, the fact remains that the 9-11 attacks were more deadly and horrific than any other act of terrorism by a factor of one hundred times.  The Republicans under Bush did the worst job of protecting this nation than any other Presidency, in fact, worse than all other Presidencies combined.  For any Republican to criticize any Democrat on the issue of terrorism is once again absurd.

Every time I have read the news or watched it on TV over the last several days, both of these news stories are still in the headlines and are being treated by mainstream journalists as legitimate stories.  And that pretty much tells you everything you need to know about American journalism.  The only stories here are just how pathetic and moronic the Republican Party has become.  If the news media wants to re-establish itself, why can’t they report facts and reality?  Both of these stories should have been laughed off the front page immediately and never reported again.  Yet they continue to drone on like idiots.  And they wonder why their business model is falling apart?  It’s because the product they are producing is one big joke that no one in their right mind can take seriously.

Update: And yet another example from today’s headlines about Mark McGwire lying about his steroid use.  Such outrage.  And yet when will the mainstream media get around to calling out Bush and Cheney for all their lies leading up to the Iraq War????  McGwire’s lies did nothing more than damage the integrity of a professional sport — Bush-Cheney’s lies cost the lives of thousands of U.S. troops, hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians were killed, and trillions of dollars were wasted.  This type of journalism can’t die soon enough.