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Does It Get Any Sicker Than This?

How does the right wing in this country react to the horrible tragedy now occurring in Haiti?  Here’s Rush Limbaugh politicizing it and incredibly here he is discouraging private charitable donations based on the grounds that having paid his income taxes he’s already done enough.  And here’s Pat Robertson blaming it on Haiti having made a “pact with the devil”.  This is incredibly sick stuff.  But do you think anyone in the Republican Party will stand up and denounce what these deranged bastards are saying?  Ain’t going to happen.  Rush’s “ditto heads” and Robertson’s religious extremists may only account for a portion of the Republican Party, but as long as all the leaders of that party stand by and let this type of crap go unchallenged, anyone who calls themselves a Republican has to be held accountable for this hatred.  This is yet another example of just how morally bankrupt the Republican Party is these days.