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Back On Track To Becoming A Banana Republic

The Republican victory in the Massachusetts Senate race certainly does not bode well for the future of this country.  How can a state that just 15 months ago voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama turn around and elect a totally incompetent, right-wing whackjob to the Senate seat that none other than Ted Kennedy held for 47 years?

This, of course, does not surprise me in the least bit — I pretty much predicted this right after the Obama victory in 2008.  The reality is that a huge segment of the American people are self-centered, greedy bigots that don’t give a damn about anything other than money or anybody other than themselves.  And so always, “it’s the economy, stupid”.  Obama got elected because the Republican administration had sent the economy into a nosedive.  Obama’s election had nothing to do with his progressive-leaning ideas — he just happened to be the candidate of the opposing party.  Hell, I could have gotten elected under those circumstances.  But now the worm has turned.  The economy is still in dire straits, so now the voters are going to throw out the Democrats, because by God they want their money and they want it now!

Of course, the reality is that the economic mess we are in has been 30 years in the making, ever since that fateful day that Ronald Reagan got elected and the Republican party started it’s campaign to turn the greatest country in the world into a banana republic.  Even the simplest of minds should be able to understand that you can’t overnight turn around a mess that’s been 30 years in the making.  And it also doesn’t take a genius to see that cutting taxes for the rich and letting corporations operate without any regard for the law or the well-being of the country is exactly what got us into the mess in the first place, and reverting back to those policies is going to do nothing but make things far worse.  But no, the average American is a total idiot.  And so after the briefest of respites, the march towards a banana republic continues pretty much unabated.