Let the world change you... and you can change the world

Welcome To The Banana Republic Of America

Did I just say we were “on track” to becoming a banana republic?  Oops.  Thanks to the Supreme Court ruling in the Citizens United case, I think it’s pretty safe to say that we have now arrived in banana republic land.  As of this ruling, the United states is no longer a democracy.  That’s not an over the top reaction, that’s now a fact of life in the U.S.  Every government position from President of the U.S. to the local city council is now up for sale to whatever corporation antes up the most money.  “We the people” — the “demo” in “democracy” — no longer have any say whatsoever in the government that sets the laws and determines what we can and cannot do.  We are now officially a corporatocracy.  Our corporate overlords will now dictate — yes “dictate” as in dictatorship — exactly what we the people can and can not do.

But hey, look on the bright side. There’s no longer any reason to worry about health care reform — might as well ditch the current bill that is in Congress.  Whatever might get passed will get overturned anyway within two election cycles when Big Pharma and the health insurance industry buy out Congress and the White House.  You think health care is expensive today? Five years from now if you aren’t in the top quarter income bracket you won’t have any health care at all!  And what about clean energy?  Again, within a couple of election cycles Big Oil will also own enough congressional reps that whatever might get passed will be thrown out.  You think $4/gallon gas was bad?  With Big Oil controlling the government, you’ll be lucky to find gas at twice that price.  And regulation of Wall Street?  Forget about it — soon enough Bank of America and Goldman Sachs will be doing whatever they want without any constraints at all.  You think 10% unemployment is bad?  With an economy dictated by Wall Street, 25% unemployment will be the standard.  What you now see in Detroit will become the norm for all American cities when these guys take over the economy.  If you don’t make a quarter million a year, you have no worth to them.  It’s the new feudalism, and you’re a peasant.

Welcome to the United States Of You Are Fucked.